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Palm Wine in Bagan

Also called “Toddy” in Burmese

Palm Wine tastes better than it smells!

Toddy wine is white and sweet with a strong smell but it certainly tastes better than its smell.


About Toddy Palm Wine

One of the best ways to mingle with the locals of Myanmar is to visit a Burmese village of toddy tappers. The experience of witnessing the process of toddy tapping and taking your first sip of toddy will definitely add essence to your trip in Myanmar.


Around 4% of alcohol

The toddy palm wine is an alcoholic beverage made using the fermented flower sap of palm trees. The tapped sap of the palm flower undergoes natural fermentation due to yeast which is present in the sap itself.

Fermentation starts soon after the sap is collected and within two hours it becomes reasonably high in alcohol yet less than 4% which is similar to beer. However it has a very short shelf life of 24 hours.


A climb of 50 meters to collect the Sap

It is exciting to see experienced toddy tappers of Myanmar climbing up palm trees that are 40 to 50 meters high to collect the fermented sap. They usually tie a small pot beneath the sliced tip of an unopened palm flower to collect the palm sap later.


Interact with locals in Bagan

The ambiance of an evening spent with Burmese locals, sharing their favorite drink cannot be expressed in writing. So, next time you visit Myanmar, make it a point to taste a pot of Toddy wine with the locals. Cheers!!!