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Mount Popa

The Mt Popa is 50 km away from Bagan

About Mount Popa

The Mount Popa is an extinct volcano near bagan offering breathtaking views and frighteningly steep cliff faces (2,000 feet). You can visit the Popa Taungkalat monastery at its peak.

Many visitors fall in love with the 37 statues of Nats (spirits in Myanmar) seen at the foot of the rock mountain. On your way up the 777 steps of this rock, beware of chattering monkeys who will try to steal your food.


Mount Popa Festival

If you happen to drop by in March, you will get a chance to celebrate the Nat festival. This celebrates two brothers who were reincarnated as Nats (spirits in Myanmar).

You can also witness a festival honoring Nats who guard the Tharabar Gate in Bagan in December.


Location of Mount Popa

A day trip is the best option to visit Mount Popa since it is 50 km away from Bagan.


How to get to Mount Popa

  • By Car - Costs around $30-40 both ways, it will take you about 1.30 hrs each way.
  • By Pick-Up Truck - from Bagan $5 both ways, it will take about 2.30 hrs each way.

On your way back from Mount Popa, you can stop by a local toddy stall to taste Burmese toddy made of distilled palm juice: Toddy Palm Wine