Roam the skies of Bagan in a hot air Balloon

Golden Eagle Balloon

Fly over Bagan with us

About Golden Eagle Ballooning

Golden Eagle Ballooning, a brain child of Golden Express Tours Yangon, officially started its operations in Bagan, Myanmar on 23rd November 2014. The company’s bold move to join the ranks of giant players like Balloons over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning, (the two existing hot air balloon companies in Bagan, Myanmar) will surely help meet the growing demand for hot air balloon rides in the country.


Balloons and equipment manufactured in Spain

The balloons of Golden Eagle Ballooning are manufactured by Ultramagic, Spain. Ultramagic is a world renowned Balloon manufacturing company which is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Hot air balloon rides are fully insured

One of the best things about Golden Eagle Ballooning is that the insurance which comes with it is provided by Lloyd from England and it covers the passengers as well as any third party.


Flight Season of Golden Eagle Ballooning

15th December 2023 to 29th February 2024


Professional and experienced pilots and balloon crew

Golden Eagle Ballooning boasts of well trained and highly experienced flight crew which comprises; 25 Burmese ground staff, two Burmese flight operation managers, a Spanish chief pilot and three Swiss pilots, a Swiss maintenance manager and a Spanish examiner and inspector.


Daily Morning Balloon rides

3 hot air balloons are in operation at present with a full capacity of 24 passengers. A sunrise balloon ride is available every morning with a flight-duration of roughly 45 minutes to one hour. However the flight duration will vary according to the weather and wind speed of the day.