Roam the skies of Bagan in a hot air Balloon


Visit the most famous ancient city in Myanmar

About Bagan

Bagan is a historical city scattered with over 5000 temples and Pagodas covering an area of 40 square kilometers. This fascinating place was called Pagan in the past and it was built between the 11th and 13th centuries.

With their own story to tell, Bagan’s Pagodas are at their best during dawn and dusk when the sun comes up or down highlighting the magical beauty of the ruins.


Ticket for the Bagan archaeological zone

The best thing about Bagan's temples is that right after you pay the entrance fee of $20, you are free to roam around for as many days as you want, but remember to take the ticket with you at all times, especially when you check in at a hotel.

  • Ride a hot air balloon - the most fascinating way to travel. To learn more about this, please go to Price
  • Take a cab (A/C) - the easiest and the most comfortable way to explore the temples, with an English speaking driver. It will cost you around $50 per day. The fee changes according to the season and the distance.
  • Horse Cart tour - this is for the romance lovers who love to explore new routes and hidden temples. It won't cost you more than $50 per day. The fee changes according to the route you take and the distance.
  • Cycling - the cheapest, the healthiest and the easiest way to travel with freedom of choice. You can rent out a cycle at every hotel and guest house for $2 - $4, $10 for an electrical bike. The only downside to this is, it might get too hot and sweaty out there, especially during the hot months. Take plenty of water with you

Famous temples in Bagan