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Golden Rock - Myanmar

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About Kyaiktiyo

Kyaiktiyo is also called Golden Rock or Kyite Htee Yoe


Witness the rock balancing on the edge of a mountain, mingle with the many devotees on their way up to pay their respects to one of the most sacred Buddhist stupas in Myanmar.

Mount Kyaiktiyo or Kyite Htee Yoe is one of the most respected and marveled at religious sites in Myanmar (Burma). This is because of the Golden Rock (7.6 meters tall) balancing on the edge of a hill. This fascinating wonder of nature attract tens and thousands of pilgrims from Myanmar every day.

Kinpun base

Kinpun is a base camp village at the foot of Mount Kyaiktiyo, from there you can get in the open-top truck which will wheeze through bumpy jungle roads and drop you off at a place just 1.5 km short to the summit.

Hiking up the hill from Kinpun to the Mount Kyaiktiyo will take about 5 to 6 hours and would test your limits for sure. It is wiser to use the local pick-up truck to get to the top.

The Nine Thousand Lights Festival in Kyaiktiyo

If you are planning to visit mount Kyaiktiyo in December, you could catch two birds with one stone by taking part in the nine thousand lights festival and witness a magnificent show of dancing lights reflected on the gilded Pagoda.